Arthur Namias De Crasto-Compliance Officer - Curaçao


Compliance Officer - Curaçao

Arthur is an expert in risk and compliance. He can provide you with the right insight and process knowledge to manage your exposure to risk while also successfully positioning your gaming entity. 


Arthur Namias de Crasto joined EM Group Curaçao in November 2017 as Compliance Officer and quickly became passionate about connected data.

Certified in Neo4j, the graph database management system, Arthur is forever seeking practical solutions to managing compliance risks across our multiple business lines. In addition to day-to-day compliance tasks, he is involved in several gaming-related risk assessment projects, covering for example SCIRA (a tailored version of the traditional SIRA risk assessment model) and regulatory gaming metrics.


Arthur gained a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Amsterdam and has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial sector. He began his career as an account manager at ING Trust in 1995 and subsequently relocated to the former ING Bank in Curaçao, where he was responsible for the lending portfolio of corporate and private banking clients.

When ING Bank closed, Arthur changed career paths, taking up a position as Compliance Manager for international corporate service provider Amicorp Group. He later acted as Managing Director of a family office on the island, as well as for several other business ventures, before joining our team.

Hello I'm Arthur

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Arthur's Expertise

  • Compliance
  • Risk assessment
  • E-Business


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